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     specifying i.a. rules for concluding sales contracts through the Store, containing the most important information about the Seller, the Store and the rights of the Consumer

Working days – days from Monday to Friday, except for public holidays.
Consumer - a consumer within the meaning of the provisions of the Civil Code.
Account  - a free function of the Store regulated by separate regulations (service provided electronically), thanks to which the Buyer can set up his individual account in the Store.
Buyer – each entity purchasing in the Store.
Statute – these regulations.
Store – Oak Dust online store run by the Seller at



  1. E-mail address:

  2. Phone: 784 238 627


  1. For the proper functioning of the Store, you need:

    • device with Internet access

    • a web browser that supports JavaScript and cookies.

  2. An active e-mail account is required to place an order in the Store.


  1. The prices of goods visible in the Store are the total prices for the goods plus shipping costs.

  2. The goods selected for purchase should be added to the basket in the Store or sent by e-mail with the order or by phone.

  3. The goods selected for purchase should be added to the basket in the Store or sent by e-mail with the order.

  4. The information contained on the website of the Dębowy Pił store does not constitute an offer of the Seller within the meaning of the Civil Code, but only an invitation to customers to submit offers to conclude a contract for the sale of goods.

  5. The order is placed at the moment of confirmation of its content and acceptance of the Regulations by the Buyer.

  6. Placing an order by the Buyer and its confirmation by the Seller is tantamount to concluding a sales contract between the Buyer and the Seller.

  7. The Buyer may register in the Store, i.e. set up an Account in it, or make purchases without registration by providing their data with each possible order.

  8. The photos on the website are for reference only - the product received may differ in shade, colour, grain, which is a characteristic feature of wood.


  1. You can pay for the placed order, depending on the Buyer's choice:

    1. by ordinary transfer to the Seller's bank account

    2. cash on delivery or cash upon delivery of the goods to the Buyer

    3. If the Buyer chooses payment in advance, the order must be paid within 3 Business Days of placing the order.

    4. Promotions and discounts introduced by the Store are not combined with other promotions and discounts, i.e. the Customer may use only one promotion or discount within one order. 



  1. The seller is obliged to deliver the goods without defects.

  2. The order completion date is indicated in the Store.

  3. If the Buyer has chosen to pay in advance for the order, the Seller will proceed with the order after it has been paid for.

  4. In a situation where, as part of one order, the Buyer purchased goods with different delivery dates, the order will be completed on the date appropriate for the goods with the longest delivery date.

  5. Furniture made to individual order is not returnable.

  6. Goods purchased in the Store are delivered via a courier company or in person

  7. The minimum order for a countertop is 1m2


  1. Remove the table inserts from the foil and store them in the room where the table is used.

  2. From the moment of receipt of the package with the purchased furniture, wait 2 weeks for the oil or wax to harden completely, do not place hot or cold dishes. Wipe dry any spilled liquid on a new piece of furniture.


  1. In the event of a defect in the goods (warranty period of 12 months from the date of purchase), the consumer has the option of complaining about the defective goods on the basis of the warranty or guarantee regulated in the Civil Code, if the guarantee has been granted.

  2. Using the warranty, the Consumer may, on the terms and within the time limits specified in the Civil Code:

    1. submit a price reduction statement,

    2. demand replacement of the item with a defect-free one,

    3. request removal of the defect.

  3. The seller asks for complaints under the warranty to the address

  4. If it turns out that in order to consider the complaint, it is necessary to deliver the defective goods to the Seller, the Consumer is obliged to deliver the goods at the expense of the Seller, to the address sent in the correspondence.

  5. If an additional guarantee has been granted for the goods, information about it, as well as about its terms, is available in the product description in the Store.

  6. The complaint will be considered by the Seller within 14 days.

  7. After considering the complaint, the Seller undertakes to repair the goods within 30 working days.

  8. The claimed goods must be sent secured. Additional repairs that are not the fault of the seller or improper protection of the complaint shipment will be considered for an additional fee.


Warranty and the use of solid wood furniture - the warranty does not cover furniture:

  • Used in the temperature range below 17 °C or above 25 °C;

  • Used in a room where the humidity drops below 45% or is above 65%;

  • Used near heat sources, e.g. radiator, minimum distance is 50 cm;

  • They have been flooded  enjoy type alcohol, dirty, have mechanical injuries, are used contrary to their intended purpose;

  • Subjected to improper or lack of care;

  • Worn in the normal process of using the furniture;

  • With changes that occur naturally during normal operation, e.g. micro-cracks;

  • Having a different shade, graining than the products from the photo - the characteristic feature of wood is that each board (furniture) is unique and has its own unique color and graining; In this sense, the photos are for illustrative purposes only;

  • The seller reserves the right to make structural changes that do not affect the functioning of the furniture in order to improve the product.



  1. The administrator of personal data provided by the Buyer when using the Store is the Seller. Detailed information on the processing of personal data by the Seller - including other purposes and grounds for data processing, as well as data recipients - can be found in the Privacy Policy available in the Store - due to the principle of transparency contained in the general regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council (EU ) on data protection - "GDPR".

  2. The purpose of processing the Buyer's data by the Seller, provided by the Buyer in connection with purchases in the Store, is the execution of orders. The basis for the processing of personal data in this case is:

    • contract or actions taken at the request of the Buyer, aimed at its conclusion (Article 6(1)(b) of the GDPR),

    • the Seller's legal obligation related to accounting (Article 6(1)(c) and

    • the legitimate interest of the Seller, consisting in the processing of data in order to establish, pursue or defend any claims (Article 6(1)(f) of the GDPR).

  3. Providing data by the Buyer is voluntary, but at the same time necessary to conclude the contract. Failure to provide data will make it impossible to conclude a contract in the Store.

  4. The Buyer's data provided in connection with purchases in the Store will be processed until:

    1. the contract concluded between the Buyer and the Seller will cease to apply;

    2. the Seller will no longer be subject to the legal obligation obliging him to process the Buyer's data;

    3. the possibility of pursuing claims by the Buyer or the Seller related to the contract concluded by the Store will cease;

    4. the Buyer's objection to the processing of his personal data will be accepted - if the basis for data processing was the legitimate interest of the Seller

    – depending on what is applicable in a given case and what is the latest.

  5. The buyer has the right to demand:

    1. access to your personal data,

    2. rectifying them,

    3. deletion,

    4. processing restrictions,

    5. transferring data to another administrator
      and also the law:

    6. to object at any time to the processing of data for reasons related to the special situation of the Buyer - to the processing of personal data concerning him, based on art. 6 sec. 1 lit. f GDPR (i.e. on legitimate interests pursued by the administrator).

  6. In order to exercise his rights, the Buyer should contact the Seller using the data from § 2 of the Regulations.

  7. If the Buyer considers that his data is being processed unlawfully, the Buyer may file a complaint to the President of the Office for Personal Data Protection.

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